You’ve got a chance to make the progressive jackpot yours if you play your cards right, so learn how to play Caribbean Stud Poker today and see what this game has in store for you. Play your cards right in and you could walk away with a nice chunk of change.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a version of stud poker played between a dealer and a single player. This is a popular table game that can be played in Vegas casinos.

Antes range from $1 to $500, which means that unless the player folds, the maximum bet at hand’s end will be $2 to $1,000. Play is simple. The dealer deals five cards to the player and five to himself. The player then folds or raises. If the player raises, hands are compared, and if the player has the more valuable hand, then he receives a 1:1 payout. The game also has a progressive jackpot, and the player opts in for a chance to win with a stake equal to the ante for that hand.



First the player must choose their wager amount, which can range anywhere from $1 to $500 (maximum), and then they must click the Deal button. Both the player and the house receive five cards. The player’s cards are all face up while the dealer shows only one card. Upon viewing the cards, the player can choose to Raise if they believe their five-card hand is better than the dealer’s. This will double the player’s Ante.

If the player does not believe their hand can beat the dealer’s, they can click the Fold button and forfeit their bet. The dealer qualifies if they have a ace/king or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the player is paid at odds of 1 to 1 and your Raise is returned as a push. If your hand beats the Dealer’s and the Dealer qualifies, you’re paid on the ante and your raise. The payoff of the ante is 1 to 1.

The payout on your bet will be determined by the quality of your hand. If the dealer beats the player’s hand, the player loses both their Ante and their bet. If the player and the dealer have the same hand, the next highest card determines who wins.

The player should keep in mind that before receiving any cards, they can wager a dollar in the progressive section. This gives the player an opportunity to win the entire progressive jackpot if they get a Royal Flush. If the player does not pay the dollar and gets a Royal Flush they will be paid out 200:1 odds instead of collecting the lucrative progressive pot.


Card values

Hands are ranked according to standard poker rules.

Hand NameDescriptionExamplePayout
Royal FlushA, K, Q, J, 10 of same suitAH, KH, QH, JH, 10H200:1
Straight FlushFive cards of same suit in sequence7S, 6S, 5S, 4S, 3S50:1
4 of a KindFour cards of same rank6S, 6H, 6D, 6C20:1
Full House3 of a kind, plus a pair2S, 2H, 2D, 3S, 3H7:1
FlushFive cards of same suit10D, 9D, 7D, 5D, 2D5:1
StraightFive cards in sequence, mixed suits7D, 6S, 5H, 4C, 3H4:1
3 of a KindThree cards of same rank7S, 7D, 7C3:1
Two PairTwo pairs of different rank6S, 6H, 4D, 4C2:1
One PairOne pair (2 cards) of same rankKH, KD1:1
High CardFive cards of different ranks and suitsAH, KS, 10D, 5C, 2S1:1


Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is a side bet that allows the player to share in the jackpot, regardless of whether the dealer qualifies or not. The payout depends on the rank of the player’s hand.

To play for the progressive jackpot, the player must click on the Progressive Coin Slot on the right before clicking the Deal button. The Coin Slot lights up when a progressive bet is placed.

Clicking on the Coin Slot again will cancel the progressive bet.

For example, if the player receives a Flush but the dealer does not qualify, the player would only receive a 1:1 payout on their Ante, not 5:1. If the player plays the Progressive Jackpot, they would win $75 regardless of the size of their bet and regardless of whether the dealer qualifies. If the dealer does qualify and the player has a better hand, they would win both bets.

There are only five hands that qualify for the progressive jackpot:

Hand RankDescription
Royal Flush100%
Straight Flush10%
Four of a Kind$500
Full House$100



Deal – Deals the cards to both the player and the dealer. All bets are final once this button is pressed.
Raise – Makes another bet, doubling the player’s original Ante.
Fold – Forfeits the Ante before the dealer’s other four cards are revealed.


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