Developed by Betsoft, RockStar is a 2D-slash-3D video slot game that packs in a lot of features and story. It’s really no surprise that RockStar remains one of Betsoft’s most popular online slot machines despite there being so many newer options in the library. RockStar is completely playable in an arcade mode, so players can practice their hand at the skill-based bonus game before ever risking real coins.

RockStar essentially tells the story of Guns N Roses’ meteoric rise to success. The game doesn’t come out and call them GnR directly, but Axl is clearly Axl and Slash is clearly Slash. Like most of the 2D/3D hybrids by Betsoft, RockStar does a fantastic job of telling a story and creating atmosphere. We’re also quite impressed with the rock-and-roll soundtrack, which is far beyond anything we’ve experienced on a slot machine before.

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RockStar employs five spinning reels and 30 bet lines. The game allows one to five coins per line, and players can choose how many bet lines are active for each spin. Line count is dictated in twos all the way up to 27, at which point, the last three lines are set individually. Coins range from 0.2 to 1.00, which means that the minimum bet is .02 and the maximum bet is 150.


How to Play RockStar Slots

Players who want the best odds and a shot at the biggest payouts can simply click Max Bet Spin, which sets the maximum bet and then spins the reels. For players who prefer to micromanage, there’s a series of image-based buttons at the bottom of the screen: Choose Coin, Bet Per Line, Select Lines and Spin. To review the paytable, click the View Pays button in the top right-hand corner.

The game begins with an elaborate 3D intro that you can bypass by clicking Skip. When play begins, you’re greeted by flashing lights and mostly 2D graphics that’ll transform into 3D action as play transpires. The game has 12 unique symbols, and the max payout on a single line is only 100 coins; however, the real jackpot potential is in the Wild Multiplier Mania special feature and the Epic Solo bonus game.

Here’s the payout table below so you can understand how you’re winning:

RockStar Paytable



Rockstar Slot Special Features & Bonus Game

RockStar has two unique yet interchangeable wild symbols: a gold record symbol and a platinum record symbol. The wild symbols have a built-in multiplier. The gold record has a 2x multiplier. The platinum record has a 5x multiplier. If both a gold and platinum record are used to form a winning combination, then the multiplier value increases to 10x. Therefore, even though the top line jackpot is only worth 100 coins by default, it can increase to as much as 1,000 coins, which is quite lucrative for this setup.

RockStar Wild Multiplier



If you hit 3 of “Slash’s” guitar symbols in a row, then you will get the Epic Solo bonus, which is an on-the-reels bonus feature awarding a random amount of credits.

“Slash” will walk out and rock a guitar solo – random symbols will light up and turn into the number of credits you’ve won.

RockStar Epic Solo




RockStar at the height of the Guitar Hero craze. The RockStar bonus game is essentially a Guitar Hero clone. When you hit
three or more adjacent concert ticket symbols, you launch the RockStar bonus game.

A song will play, and you’ll be presented with color-coded strings and other guitar features. Your goal is to respond to the visual cues on screen, but the music itself helps you to keep rhythm as well. This bonus game is quite good, one of a kind, and the main reason why the RockStar slot machine is still so popular. This is a skill-based game, and players good at rhythm-based games can max out the bonus game with relative ease.

RockStar Bonus Game




RockStar is a great slot machine and truly unique. Most of its jackpot value is tied up in the wild multiplier feature and the bonus game. Due to this, calculating odds and RTP is difficult, if not impossible, and that’s a big turnoff for the player who wants to know exactly what he or she is playing for. Nevertheless, if you like rhythm games, then RockStar is an exciting and lucrative option. Our advice is to play the max bet at all times, which will give you the greatest chance to launch Epic Solo. Once you’ve launched it, maxing it out is simply a matter of keeping rhythm.

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