The world has been overrun by mindless zombies crawling on to the pitch. Introducing Zombie FC – a gloriously gruesome slot that transports you to a decaying stadium where bodies – and Wilds – are stacking up.

Play our new five-reel slot with gory graphics and unlock free spins, tumbling reels and big wins.

The zombie apocalypse may be scary, but it death-finitely pays off.




Stacked Wilds

Watch wilds stack up on a single reel.


Free Spins

Gain up to a 10x multiplier for each winning combination.


Tumbling Reels

As winning combinations disappear, symbols tumble from above to fill the gaps until no more winning ways are left.


Expanding Wilds

Get three wilds on a reel and watch the symbols expand.


Big Wins

Earn a multiplier that pays!

Big Win: 10x
Mega Win: 25x
Epic Win: 100x


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